New real estate training program

Tap into the best real estate
training available to Realtors!

A commitment to training and coaching at every level is at
the heart of what sets Keller Williams Realty apart. Keller Williams University
provides an industry-leading curriculum addressing every aspect of success in
real estate.

Multimedia training is in several different formats:

  • Online, via KWConnect, the real estate industry’s most
    innovative distance learning program.
  • Coaching programs through MAPS Coaching, led by Dianna Kokoszka,
    which is having a profound impact on the careers of thousands of real estate
  • National and regional trainingevents
  • Local in office training every day
    in your local KW Market Center

In October Keller Williams Realty International will launch a new 4 week training program to help
Realtors INGITE their real estate business. Ignite has a single objective: to
propel agents into immediate productivity. This course is for any Realtor who is closing less than 16 transactions per year.

The course contains a wealth of fundamental and foundational real estate content, enhanced

An example of what you will learn:

  • Build your career with KW systems, models and tools.
  • Do daily lead generation activities that will fill your pipeline with prospects.
  • Time block for maximum effectiveness and productivity.
  • Develop job aids that are customized to your style and area of specialization.
  • Learn powerful scripts – know what to say in every situation.
  • Understand the importance of a strong Buyer consultation
  • Create your Pre-listing and Listing presentations
  • How to do a comparative market analysis and price the property to sell
  • Learn how to negotiate Win-Win deals

Ignite will be offered in the Keller Williams Realty St. Petersburg office starting on Monday
October 24th and will run every day for 4 weeks. Each session will
have you engaged in real estate activities – you’ll be getting leads, working
your business in class and learning to service buyers and sellers, from setting
the first appointment to closing the deal.

KW St. Petersburg is very excited to offer this much-needed training program!

If you are ready to commit to your Real Estate business, watch this video and then contact
Rachel Sartain, Team Leader & Broker, (727)894-1600 or






The value of a professional

What is your value proposition?

How much is your professional real estate knowledge worth to your buyers and sellers?

Are you a discount agent offering discounted services or do you do it 100%?

What is your focus? Your Speciality? Why would I pay you to help me buy a home?

Gary Keller spoke about this today at Mega Agent Camp. Many times we are so scattered trying to multi-task we lose focus of the key items that are the essential to our business. He says to focus small and grow your business BIG. This makes perfect sense.

Think about who makes more money – a general practioner or a specialist?

Which cup of coffee demands more money – folgers or starbucks?

For the past few months I have been toying with a concept for the new office space being the Real Estate Hot Spot. The concept is to create a wi-fi real estate cafe with lounge areas, MLS search friendly and coffee bar for ‘walk-in’ traffic, as well as, be a convenience hot spot for our Realtors to pop in, print property brochures, meet customers and write offers.

The marketing has not been consistent and the look is just not “there” yet. Today I took Gary’s advice and hired a professional. I stopped trying to do more than my scope so I have more time to focus on my top 20%.

AND WOW! LOOK AT WHAT A PROFESSIONAL CAN DO! has the best designers – thank you John.

Mega Agent Camp day 1

Top 8 Ideas of Today – Mega Agent Camp

1. Major sources for online leads

  • Search engines (organic and paid)
  • Craigslist
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • National/international web portals


2. If a leads comes in while you are eating lunch –
stop eating lunch and follow up with the lead! When have you ever had a lunch
worth $5000?

3. The general population has started to think in
terms of text messages and facebook posts. Keep your emails and calls short and
sweet. Don’t bore potential customers with your thesis of purchasing a home.


4. When creating an advertisement for a property
with an embedded link, make sure the link goes back to that particular house site,
not your website’s home page.


5. Your craigslist ads should provoke an inquiry.
Do not make posts about your 3 bedroom / 2 bath home for sale. Make it something
they WANT to click on! Make it stand out from the crowd.


6. Here is a brilliant one – if an ad is not
drawing leads, change the ad content until it does generate interested buyers.


7. Even after several years of a short-sale frenzy,
sellers still do not understand the process. As a Realtor these homeowners are
looking to you as the professional to help them understand the ENTIRE process.
The 2 most common questions for homeowners underwater on their house are:

  1. How are we going to pay for it [meaning the
    commission and other closing costs]
  2. How are we going to rent afterwards [meaning ‘who
    will rent to us with a bad credit score]


8. When building your MREA Team you must get buy-in
from your team. Once they believe in the vision and mission of the team the
result will be success!

We have 17 Realtors from our Keller Williams Realty St. Petersburg office here and we are looking forward to bringing back amazing information to share with you!


What you focus on EXPANDS

The Law of Concentration:

Whatever you dwell upon grows  OR What you focus on E X P A N D S

Brian Tracey writes “the Law of Subconscious Activity states
that any idea or thought you accept as true in your conscious mind will be
accepted without question by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious will
immediately begin working to bring it into you reality.”

“Your subconscious
mind regulates the type of information from your environment that you will see,
hear and be aware of. It will sensitize you to any information that you’ve told
it is important. “

What is your reality? Where is your focus?

You might have heard the expression “You reap what you sow.”
If you plant oats, you get oats. You can’t plant oats and get barley. Successful
people have developed the ability to concentrate on the things that are
important to them without being side tracked.
They have disciplined themselves to think and talk about what they want
to achieve and avoid topics that distract them from their purpose.

I know each of you have your own goals and dreams of
success. Are you really focused on these goals? Do you concentrate on the only
the activities that will help you achieve these goals or do you let others
steer you away? No one or nothing is to blame. You and only you can accomplish
what you desire. You have to put yourself in the right place with the right
people to seize the opportunities that will drive you closer to your goals.

Several of us are at Mega Agent Camp to put ourselves in the
right environment to help us revive our passion in the business and put our
mindset back on track. We look forward to bringing back this great information
to you next week.

Fun with a Purpose

On Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Keller Williams Realty St. Petersburg is having an ICE CREAM
AND PIZZA family social night hosted by the children of our associates. This
fun evening in the office will have a much greater purpose as a KW Cares

What is KW Cares?

KW Cares was the brainchild of Keller Williams Realtors who had a dream to reach out and
support fellow KW associates facing financial hardship due to major
emergencies. Mo Anderson, vice chair of Keller Williams Realty, Inc., took this
dream and brought it to fruition as a public charity.

Today, KW Cares is supported by
associates from across North America. It has truly become the heart of the
Keller Williams culture in action – finding and serving the higher purposes of
business through charitable giving in the market centers and communities where
KW associates live and work.

in 2003, KW Cares is a 501(c)(3) public charity that raises money through
Keller Williams offices across North America, in order to provide emergency
financial assistance to any member of the KW family in need.

One of our
own associates is in need of our help!

This individual is an incredible person with a kind heart and has
been part of our KW family for many years. Serious health issues have tormented
her since the beginning of the year. Now she is in a position where she can no
longer work due to the incredible amount of pain she suffers.  A donation
from KW Cares and our local office will hopefully provide some financial relief
so she can concentrate on getting better.

Please join us this Wednesday from 5-8 in our new office
located at 111 2nd Ave NE suite 400 for a fun family evening with a


September look at our Real Estate Market

A brief look at our very local real estate market.

Labor Day weekend is a time to relax, regroup and, of
course, watch college football. The hectic summer season is coming to a close.
Kids are back in school. Hopefully the weather will start to cool soon. It is
time for us to prepare for our fall/winter sales season of retirees, Canadians
and International buyers looking for a piece of the Florida real estate dream.

As we have witnessed in the past few months in our St. Petersburg market, the amount of
homes available for sale in our area has significantly decreased. According to
the Pinellas Realtor Organization show the active (available for sale) listing
inventory has dropped almost 30% compared to this time last year. It is now
time to call your past customers who have delayed the selling process.

Even with the supply of available homes decreases, prices
have remained flat. Home
affordability index
is at an all-time high of 200 (meaning all-time
affordable prices and mortgage rates). This means that an average family making
a median income has more than enough to qualify for a median-priced home with
20% down payment.

In July there were 1,162 properties sold with a median price
of $112,750. Knowing that only 10% of the 5000 realtors with Pinellas Realtor
Organization actually work full-time in real estate means 500 realtors had an
opportunity to close at least 2.32 transactions in July. This would mean a gross
commission income of 7,847.40 in July. Did you get your share? Did you make
more or less?

If you want to continue to grow in this business go grab
your ‘un-fair’ share of the business. It is out there. People are buying and
selling homes more now than they have in the past 3 years.

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