Finish Strong!

Congratulations Bruce and Tara Harris! They were the 4th Quarter Kick-off to Family Reunion winners bringing in a total of 12 listings during our contest period! You guys are SUPER STARS!

Welcome to Keller Williams!

Have you had an opportunity to meet Dana Bickford? Dana is our NEW Productive Coach and Training Director. We are so excited to finally have such a great person on board to help YOU reach and exceed your sales goals. You can reach Dana at


WELCOME Richard Waugh! Many of you may know of the very successful real estate company Florida Lifestyles Realty. Richard has been selling real estate in St. Petersburg since the early 90’s. He holds the designations of GRI, Graduate of the Real Estate Institute, CRS, Certifdied Real Estate Specialist, SRES, Senior Real Estate Specialist. Richard also holds ePRO, e marketing Professional, CLHMS, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, and CPMS. Certified Property Management Specialist.

Please help welcome Richard to Keller Williams Realty St. Petersburg. He can be reached at or 727-410-8400


Paint the Town RED in December

November’s Open House event was a HUGE success! Two of you sold your listings at the open house! Congratulations! Our next event is Sunday DECEMBER 11.

Marlene will have the sign-up sheets available for your listings and if you want to host an open house.


Ignite your Real Estate Business in 2012

IGNITE develops the habits, and delivers the activities, models and systems, that create momentum for a productive real estate career. Each session will have you engaged in real estate activities – you’ll be getting leads, working your business in class and learning to service buyers and sellers, from setting the first appointment to closing the deal.


December 6th from 12-2 we will have a Introduction to Ignite with lunch provided. If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about IGNITE please join us on December 6.


Are you interested in LEADERSHIP opportunities in our office

Join us on December 9th with Mo Anderson to find out how to grow your leadership opportunities. Everyone is encouraged to attend!

To find out more information about was is happening in our downtown St. Petersburg Keller Williams Realty office, come to the weekly Team Meeting every Monday!


Pinellas Realtor Organization News:

ALERT: 2012 PRO Membership Dues Billing

Your 2012 PRO membership dues invoice has been emailed to you. It came from which is the PRO accounting department. If you have not received your emailed invoice, please check your junk/spam folder.

Or log into your account. Your invoice will include the option to join RPAC at a $25 or other level of your choice. Small or large, your support will help protect your business against political forces threatening our industry and profession.

Where should your Marketing $$ be spent in 2012

The research confirms it. It’s all about being mobile. With smartphones always online and always available, you always have to be ready to serve clients. Thriving in today’s world can mean that you must find the right marketing tools and systems to meet the ever-growing expectations of real-time demands.


Click here to read more.





Thankful for YOU

Thankful for the escrow disputes that keep me a constant student of the sales contract

Thankful for all the Realtors who have been here since the beginning to endure the ups and downs (and ups) that growth-changes require,

Eve and Kathy

Thankful for all of our associates who pick each other up when we are down, come out in the masses to help when we are in need, support each other in everything we do and most importantly – laugh and have fun!

Thank you all for helping explore and discover ways to succeed in this business and have fun along the way!

Thankful that Karen Lucas’s family has been blessed with a successful kidney transplant for her husband

pat and Marlene

Thankful for a remarkable staff – Marlene & Pat – each of which is so smart! They figure things out on their own, make things happen and keep the office running like a well-oiled machine with a smile on their face. What would we do without them!

Thankful for the BIG group we had to go out to Austin for Mega Camp. The time we shared together was amazing and brought us all closer


I am thankful our KW Convention is in Orlando so more of our associates will have the opportunity to experience the information and tools shared to help them grow their real estate business!

Kevin and Debbie Chadwick

Thankful to our new productivity coach – Dana Bickford. She brings so much knowledge and experience to help our agents meet and exceed their sales goals. Thank you Kathy Stange for introducing us to Dana.

Thankful for the students who committed to IGNITE. It was 4 weeks of information overload. It required getting out of your comfort zone and taking charge of your business. It required a level of commitment that will lead to great success in your real estate careers. And it helped us find a better way to assist Realtors in the launch of their real estate business. I am so looking forward to the 2nd session.

Thankful to each of the agents who trust me to coach them into bigger and better things in their business and allow me to hold them accountable.I am thankful for the many friends I have in the office. You are truly my second family. You mean so much to me.Kitty Cat

I am thankful for having an amazing owner/operator and boss, Kevin Chadwick. He gives me the guidance I need to help make this the best real estate office in Tampa Bay! And he gives us the flexibility to let us make it our own!

I am thankful for our Associate Leadership Council who commits so much time and energy in uplifting this office to make it the best real estate office in town!

I am thankful Lonnie finally closed Vitch!

Thankful to Bruce & Tara Harris who won the 4thQuarter Kick-off to Family Reunion competition with 12 new listings!

Bruce and Tara

Thankful to work for a company that really allows opportunities to grow and teaches you what you need to obtain your dreams (plus it teaches you how to dream)!

I am thankful for YOU! Yes YOU! I am thankful you believing in me and allowing me to believe in YOU! I thankful every time I see YOU in the office and I am thankful for all YOU do.

And of course, I am thankful to my husband, Keith Sartain, and my daughter, Audrey, who give so much of their own time and support to help me succeed in the goals of the office. And I am thankful to the best mother-in-law on Earth, Doris Sartain. I would not know what to do without these 3 people in my life.

Lori and Linda

Kick-off to Family Reunion

Today is the last day of our Kick-Off to Family Reunion Listing competition. Get your listing paperwork signed and into the paperless system by 5:00 today and you could have a FREE registration to Keller Williams Realty’s Family Reunion convention in Orlando 2012!

Watch the video to find out who is in the lead

Time to go Shopping!

Keller Williams Realty St. Pehtersburg is hosting our monthly Paint the Town RED event this Sunday, November 13th from 1-4pm.

With over 26 homes to choose from ranging in price $115,000 – $1,350,000 in areas from Old Northeast, Caya Costa, Sheryl Manor, Seminole and down the beaches to Tierra Verde, you are sure to find a home to fit your buying needs!

Below is a full list of homes in St. Petersburg, Seminole and the beaches that are available for you to see. We hope to see you today!

MREA Business Planning Clinic

Quick Bits from Gene Rivers and the MREA: Business Planning

November 8, 2011

MREA = Millionaire Real Estate Agent is a printed manual on
how to build a successful real estate business

This book was written by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan, and Dave
after several years of interviewing top Realtors from around the country
who were netting more than $1,000,000 in commission. Best Practices for running
a real estate business were identified by these top Realtors who on average had
an average of 11 years’ experience in real estate.

#1 goal of every business = referral and repeat business

Provide great customer service to get Referrals

You and your business must have Models and Systems to have
uniform customer service. If systems and models are not in writing you are NOT truly
using them.

There is no excuse for not being successful in this
business. Why, because most realtors are not really in the business.

Success and failure is not yearly, monthly or weekly. It is
daily. Are you going to WIN today or are you going to LOSE today?

If you are not tracking what you do daily. You will not
succeed at a highly efficient level.  Have your finger on the pulse of what is
happening in your business, in your market, with your listing prices and your
buyer’s motivations.

You have to WORK and FOLLOW A PLAN to be successful in this

Buying and Selling is EMOTIONAL not LOGICAL.

The purpose of a business is PROFIT. The purpose of a BUDGET
is to define PROFIT. Business profit is to reward the shareholders and to
reinvest into the business for growth.

Track your leads so you know that you are getting a return
on your investment and what the return is.  MREA budget model states that lead generating
and marketing should be no more than 9.2% of your Gross Commission Income.

Accountability is extremely important. Accountability works
because we don’t want to be humiliated for not reaching our goals. An
accountability partner will inspect what you expect out of yourself.

Keller Williams Realty – careers worth having, business
worth building, and lives worth living

Need 3 pots of money from your career

  1. Money to live the way you want to live
  2. Money to get out of debt
  3. Money for investments for the future to create

Life worth Living = amount of time you spend NOT at work

Importance of Modeling – success and failures leaves
clues. If you model after examples of excellence you will experience success.
Ask questions of failures to learn from them and not do it again. “The movers
and shakers of the world are often professional modelers – people who have
mastered the art of learning everything they can by following other people’s
experience rather than their own” – Tony Robbins

You must start with a MODEL. Only then can you add
creativity. Example: the model is time blocking. The creativity is the type of
calendar you use.

E to P – moving from the Entrepreneurial self to the
Purposeful self.  Natural ability can
only take us so far before we hit our achievement ceiling. Models and Systems
will help you break through that ceiling of achievement.


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