Aim High for Business Success

There is a story of a shepherd’s son who goes out to spend his first night alone tending his family’s sheep. During the night he awakens to the sound of a howling wolf. It is very dark and he is seized with fear. He grabs his rifle and runs out into the darkness to protect the sheep. Across the field he sees a wolf attacking one of the sheep. He puts his rifle to his shoulder and takes aim. In his head he hears his father saying, “At night, it is very difficult to judge the distance to your target, and more than likely, you will underestimate the distance and miss low. To have a better chance of hitting the target, aim high.” The shepherd’s son adjusts his aim, raising the sights ever so slightly, and hits the mark.

Gary Keller tells this story in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book as a way to illustrate life lessons.

“No one can accurately judge what the future holds. Tomorrow is dark and as difficult to judge as the gap between the shepherd boy and his target. Yet so often we set our goals as if the next day, month, year or decade were clear as an August afternoon….Aim High!”

What are your goals for 2014?

Have you completed your business plan?

We have found that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to achieving Big Goals for most Realtors is that they refuse to believe how simple and uncomplicated success can actually be.

On Friday December 13, 2013 from 10-12 Keller Williams Realty St. Pete will have a KIS Business Planning Workshop (KIS = Keep it Simple). During this workshop you will identify the simple steps you need to ensure you reach your goals for 2014. We will ‘Aim High’ and Map out your plan to simple and uncomplicated success!

Find out more information and register for this Free Class here


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