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In our Keller Williams St. Pete office of 205 Realtors, there are two that standout above the crowd when it comes to working with Buyers. Sue Barber and Mashonda Smith the most sought after buyer’s specialist in the office. Other teams within the office inviteMashonda and Sue into their meetings to teach their buyer’s agents how to properly do a buyer consultation, effectively use the buyer brokerage agreement, and deliver the highest rated customer service.

Sue Barber has been in the “people business” all her life… as an educator, meeting planner, TV spokesperson, public relations coordinator, and Executive Director of the Maine Lobster Promotion Council….Sue has been the recipient of numerous marketing and advocacy awards. She became a licensed Realtor in 2004 and moved her business to Keller Williams in 2009, where she began perfecting her buyer consultation to ensure she delivered only the best to her customers. Today Sue continues to brings a unique combination of customer care and knowledge to the buyers and sellers she represents in her real estate profession and is highly respected in the Realtor community. 

Mashonda Smith, buyer’s specialist with Orns and Associates of KW, is a trusted resource for all of her customers in the process of buying or selling. She provides expertise about neighborhood features and schools and will target your home search based on your individual needs and wants. Most importantly,Mashonda listens! She asks the right questions and listens to her buyer’s needs and wants – then meets them!

Sue and Mashonda were kind enough to share some of their secrets at our Tuesday Team Meeting.

1. Why is the buyer consultation process so important to you and to your customer?

Sue : “It is a piece that most Realtors do not want to do. You just have to make the decision to do it. I follow a pre-printed outline in the first appointment. I met with them to find out if we are going to enjoy working together, and I will also show them the process of buying a home and set expectation for the home buying process.

It is really important that all parties who are purchasing are present so we can all be on the same page as to their needs and wants.”

Mashonda: “I’ve learned that it is the only way to work with buyers. It is just what I do and I actually learned it from Sue when she taught the Buyer Consultation class in Ignite.”

“The consultation is key to working with any buyer or seller to help the customer achieve their goals. It helps us shares information and set proper expectations so the customer is not disappointed. The consultation will also help each party understand expectations and know if you are able to work together.”

“Firstly, I want to make sure it is the best decision for them to make the investment. I am going to ask questions to really understand their motivation. Then I can pull from their excitement. That is what I enjoy, other peoples excitement about their new purchase.”

2. When did you start implement the buyer consultation process into your business and why?

Sue: “I tried to do it right from the beginning but picked up bad habits from Realtors who were scared to use it. Through classes here at KW, I’ve learned the importance of it to my customers and for my business.”

Mashonda: “I’ve always schedule a sit down consultation.  If they are out of town I will schedule a phone consultation but I still want a sit-down when they come into town. It is how I learned and I have never done it any other way.”

3. What is your view regarding the Buyer Broker Agreement?

Sue: “It is an agreement showing that you are going to work together. It is the only way I work with buyers. I have made the mistake in the past of not using one; no more. You need the consultation and the buyer broker agreement to know you are going to get paid for your hard work and it creates a loyalty on both sides.”

Mashonda: “It is a loyalty agreement that works both ways. I do not work without one.”

4. How many houses do you show on average to a particular buyer?

Sue: If I listen to the buyers criteria carefully it is typically around 10 homes. Sometimes it might be 10-15. After each showing, I always ask ‘is this the right house for you’.”

Mashonda: “If the buyers are highly motivated it should be done in 5 homes or less. Asking the question “is this the right home for you” every time helps the buyer realize what they are really wanting in their new home.”


If you are interested in learning more information about the Buyer Consultation process and why it is important, please contact our Keller Williams Realty St. Petersburg office at 727.894.1600 and ask for Rachel Tenpenny Sartain, Managing Broker


Our Realtors are on their A-Game with the best training in World!

At Keller Williams Realty St. Pete we help our Realtors stay on their A-Game so they can bring the best service and most up-to-date information to their customers. Everyday in our office we are offering the best training of any real estate company in the area. That is only to be expected from the #1 Training company, as named by Training Magazine, for the best training in all companies across all industries. 

Don’t miss some great training and business building opportunities that we have coming up in August. Here is a sampling of what is available:

IGNITE training will teach you the best consultation techniques, how to negotiate win-win agreements and pricing right for our market.

Power Day and Paint the Town Red is a BIG opportunity for you, your Sellers and your Buyers! We will have a full day focused on finding buyers for our Sellers and bringing them to our powerful open house day where we Paint the Town Red with over 40 open houses.  Friday 8/7 and Sunday 8/9.

Free Continuing Education credits brought to you by Tampa Bay Title. This 1031 Exchange class can help you work with your investor customers and you earn 3 CEUs. Tuesday, August 11.

New TRID Disclosure will change how closings are handled. Are you ready for the change in October? You need to know how the process works and Vandyk Mortgage is bringing you the information on Monday, August 17.

MEGA CAMP is where top-producing real estate professionals unite to network with the industry’s most esteemed leaders. It is 2 days in Austin, Texas where you can learn specific techniques to enhance your business, network with top agents from around the world and be exposed to all the latest products that are hitting the market. August 20-21

Agent Masterminds is hosted by John Maxwell Certified productivity coach, Dana Bickford and is focused on helping participants growth their listing inventory by having participants challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty and respect. Tuesday, August 25.

Want to learn more about our training? Contact our Director of Training, Elijah Ramsey at (727) 894-1600.

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