Keller Williams Names Krisi Moore 2017 Cultural Ambassador

This past Friday, Krisi Moore was named 2017 Cultural Ambassador by Keller Williams North Florida Region at the annual Cultural Summit event held in Orlando, FL. Nominated by their peers, Cultural Ambassadors are associates who are shining examples of giving, sharing, and helping to grow the KW culture.They are selected for their service to others both inside their market center and in their communities.

Anyone who has met Krisi knows that she goes above and beyond to help create a positive culture within the office. On top of having a successful real estate business, she spends countless hours organizing and planning cultural events for our office to enjoy. Please make sure to congratulate Krisi on receiving this award and continually remind her of just how much she is appreciated.



50% of Home Buyers Use Mobile Apps to Find Their Next Home

It is no secret that we are living in a technological era. With that being said, it can sometimes feel intimidating to keep up with all the latest gadgets and trends. In the realm of real estate this is also the case. Did you know that 92% of buyers use the internet to search for their next home and 50% of home buyers are using mobile apps?

Luckily at Keller Williams we have the solution. Keller Williams offers its agents their own mobile app. This KW app makes finding a home to buy or rent a simple process for your potential clients. They don’t only have access to homes associated with a Keller Williams Realty agent, but access to all homes in the MLS database. It allows them to save searches and listings based on their dream home criteria. The best part is how easily this app can be shared with your clients. If you are a Keller Williams agent and you have not yet taken advantage of this resource text “kw” to 87778 to download the FREE Mobile app!

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How Can Having a Script Partner Improve Your Real Estate Business?

The benefits of having a script partner in your business:

This morning during our daily Power Up, ALC members Stephanie Huffman and Matt Kreger shared with us just how important scripts are in the real estate business. Even though this is common knowledge, many agents still struggle with consistently practicing and perfecting their scripts. Both Stephanie and Matt contribute their success to having found a script partner. Once a week each of them call their script partner and role play through any kind of script they currently feel needs improving. The purpose of the script partner is to help point out any flaws in the script and to overcome possible objections. The key to making this an effective habit is to have the call be concise and to the point.

When asked what the benefit of having a script partner was Stephanie stated, “It gets me in the habit of practicing my scripts on a weekly basis and acts as another form of an accountability partner.” Matt commented that having a script partner from another office or location can be an added benefit as a possible new contact for referral business in the future.

Sonny Hotchkiss Receives Champion of the Year Award!

This past Saturday evening, Sonny Hotchkiss received a Diamond award for 2017 Community Champion of the Year from the Diversity Chamber of Commerce.

The award was presented by Rick Kriseman the mayor of St. Petersburg himself.

Sonny commented, “Only recently have I been able to make large financial contributions to various community organizations– I’ve discovered the more I give, the more I receive in return. In the last 3 years, I have been able to give more than $100,000 to local organizations in the Tampa Bay Area that directly help people locally.”

We are also very proud that Joey Romanik, Sonny’s lead buyer’s Agent, was nominated and became a finalist for 2017 Business Person of the Year. This is a huge honor and testament to his commitment to his clients and The Hotchkiss Group!

The Hotchkiss Group has made it their goal to set aside time at least once a month to physically provide volunteer hours to local organizations.


Real Estate Agent, Johanna Colegrove, joins Troy Walseth’s Expansion Team

Johanna Colegrove from Keller Williams Realty St. Pete Market Center Joins Troy Walseth’s Expansion Team


With 23 years of experience under his belt, it is no surprise that real estate agent Troy Walseth wanted to take his business to the next level by building his very own expansion team. Expansion teams are a great way to expand one’s real estate footprint. As a franchisor Keller Williams has created opportunities that promote such a lucrative business model. When asked what his motivation was for expanding into a team Troy responded, “I have had smaller teams for over 10 years with other companies and have always hit some sort of ceiling in terms of growth. Since being with Keller Williams I am not only able to build an expansion team, but encouraged. Building a team in different geographical locations gives me the leverage that I have been looking for for years.”

With a team of 13 and growing, Troy is proud to announce that realtor Johanna Colegrove from the Keller Williams Realty St. Pete office has officially joined his expansion team. She was referred to him by someone at his central HUB location in Seminole, Florida and was excited to find out how similar their values and goals were within real estate. With Johanna on board, the expansion team is excited to launch in the Downtown St. Pete area. Troy stated,“Johanna is going to be a rockstar within this team and I am beyond excited to see her grow her business to a new level.”

If you have ever been interested in collaborating with a successful team and establishing and maintaining relationships with individuals in other geographical areas Troy is always willing to sit down with you and see if you are a good fit. “The major advantage of joining an expansion team is simply being able to use the proven models, systems and hand picked administrative staff that are all available at your fingertips” says Troy. He is always looking to help others meet their real estate goals and has plans of launching his team in Downtown St. Pete, Sarasota, and South Tampa in 2017.


Troy Walseth



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