Keller Williams Ranks Number One Real Estate Brand for Tampa Bay Residential Sales in 2016

The Keller Williams Chadwick Group closed a total of 8614 Units in 2016. All of these units combined account for over $2.1 Billion in volume earning Keller Williams the status as Number One Real Estate Brand in Tampa Bay! The runner up only closed half of what the Keller Williams offices closed in 2016.



Congratulations Keller Williams St. Pete for closing 448,302,783 total sales volume in 2016!

We would like to congratulate each and every agent at Keller Williams Realty St. Pete for closing almost half a BILLION total sales volume, $448,302,783, in 2016! This is a monumental accomplishment that has once again placed our market center as the #1 real estate office in South Pinellas County. We would like to celebrate your continuous achievements and look forward to what 2017 has in store for you!


Agents Who Attended 2 or More of our Market Center’s Training in January Increased Production by 95%


Each and every month our Keller Williams Realty St. Pete Market Center utilizes a training tracker tool to record who is showing up to training and how this directly effects their business compared to the agents who have not been in attendance.

Within the month of January 2017, agents who attended 2 or more training compared to agents who attended 1 or less increased their production by 95%! These agents also increased their Gross Commission Income by 69% and their closed units by 50%.

As a company Keller Williams uses this training tracker to help keep agents accountable to consistent learning. Simultaneously, once the data is analyzed, KW can then communicate the results with its associates and find ways to continue improving. We want to ensure each training is valuable and result driven. It is because of tools such as the training tracker that has awarded Keller Williams as the No.1 training organization across all industries worldwide.



Find The Right Talent by Following This Step-By-Step Guide for Your Next Hire!


Finding and hiring top talent is on every business leader’s radar. And many use behavioral assessments to improve the hiring process and ensure they get the right talent in the right position. Find out how the Keller Personality Assessment (KPA) is helping leaders align talent with opportunity.

In 2016 Keller Williams introduced the Career Visioning course and the KPA, an upgrade to the previous assessment, the AVA and DISC. “The AVA allowed us to look at four dimensions of a candidate,” Leslie Vander Gheynst, KPA and Leverage Series driver, says. “The KPA allows us to look at 11 components of a candidate to give us an even more holistic view of a candidate allowing us to know the person on a deeper level.”

4 Steps to Hiring the RIGHT PERSON for the RIGHT JOB

Step 1: Screen

Who are you looking for?
“There are two main elements to hiring top talent. The first is finding the right person and the second is placing them in the correct position,” says Vander Gheynst

Step 2: Interview

Are they right for the job?
“The process can help determine that while this person may not be the right fit for a particular role, there may be a better role for them within my business,” says Vander Gheynst.

Step 3: Get Perspective

Are they right for the team?
“With the KPA, much of the analysis is done for you which allows you and your team to spend time listening to answers,” says Schumacher.

Step 4: Commitment

Now you are ready to make an offer!
“Designed specifically for Keller Williams, the KPA looks at thinking traits that are brought into play, which is critical to successful hiring and then training,” says Offenhauser.

WHO will take your company to the NEXT LEVEL? Talk to your Keller Williams market center today about using the KPA to deepen your talent bench.

Congratulations to our Keller Williams Realty St. Pete agents for landing on the “Top 100 PRO Agents” list in South Pinellas County!

The numbers are in and once again multiple agents from our Keller Williams Realty St. Pete Market Center have been ranked in the Top 100 according to the Pinellas Realtor Organization within December of 2016!

Our agents have ranked in the Top 100 within the following categories:

  • Listing agents by total sold volume
  • Listing agents by total sold units
  • PRO agents by sold volume
  • PRO agents by sold units

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16 Real Estate Agents Graduate from Keller Williams St. Pete Ignite Training Class!

Keller Williams has taken the lead in the industry with real estate training courses, especially with Ignite, the comprehensive training course for KW agents. The Ignite course has a single objective: to propel both newly licensed and experienced Keller Williams real estate agents into immediate production. To achieve this goal our productivity coach, Stephanie Wilson, teaches this course through role play exercises, a weekly tracking system, and powerful real estate scripts. The goal for each ignite student is to write 3 offers within the four-week course.

With our current Ignite class coming to an end, we are excited to announce 16 agents have successfully graduated from the program! We would like to congratulate each of them for making a commitment to improving their business. By taking the fundamentals that successful agents have already put into practice, they will be at the top of the game. The Ignite real estate training courses are practical, realistic and easy to apply. Ignite builds on the skills you already possess to make lead generation second-nature. To fully grasp and comprehend all the material provided throughout the course, we strongly suggest agents take the course twice. The key to having a steady and successful real estate business involves consistent focused training.
The next Ignite course begins on Monday, February 20th. If you have not yet taken the course or would like to take advantage of the program for a second time please reach out to Stephanie Wilson to reserve your seat!
Keller Williams hopes the word “Ignite” makes you envision success, sales, profits, lead generation and a successful career. The real estate training courses you find at Keller Williams Realty are truly unparalleled to any other that is available today. Start your career with the fire that drove you to the industry in the first place, and let Ignite guide your path in the right direction.

Stephanie Wilson
Productivity Coach

Keller Williams Realty’s Global Reach


While real estate remains a local business, today’s sellers are broadening their scope. That’s why Keller Williams Global Property Specialists work with an exclusive group of international experts to help you reach international buyers. Through the program, agents network with like minded individuals, receive specialized training, and get access to state-of-the-art technological platforms.

“In 2016, we have continued our historic rate of growth internationally, adding 27 new real estate offices,” said Bill Soteroff, president of Keller Williams Worldwide, the international division of Keller Williams.

Outside of the United States, Keller Williams Worldwide is now home to 2,921 international agents across 29 countries. They are currently exploring expansion opportunities across Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe and throughout Asia.

If you’re looking to expand your international client base, joining the Keller Williams Global Property Specialist program could be a great asset to your business. Through the program, you gain invaluable exposure to other brokers and an international platform. The best part is with the more agents that use the platform, the more powerful it will become.

For more information on KW Global Specialist Program visit

For more information regarding Keller Williams Worldwide visit


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