BOLD Coaching Program Helps Realtors Sell More Homes in First Quarter

How are Keller Williams Realtors able to sell more homes in the first quarter compared to the average of the Board of Realtors? BOLD stands for “Business Objective: A Life by Design” and was written by Dianna Kokoszka, CEO, MAPS Coaching and Keller Williams University.


BOLD is designed for Realtors and business leaders in the real estate industry who are committed to transforming their businesses through education and coaching. During this 7 week coaching series, agents write 14 agreements on average. Across the nation BOLD has helped Realtors see an increase of 154% in their production volume after completing the seven week course. 

Three ways BOLD has proven to be an effective program to help Realtors sell more houses:

1: BOLD pushes Realtors outside of their comfort zone

BOLD conditions agents with mindset exercises, language techniques, and live prospecting activities. The seven week course pushes the boundaries by helping Realtors understand what holds them back from performing to their full potential and pushes them out of their comfort zone. It is common for sales professionals to continue doing the same thing over and over, expecting to get a different result. BOLD gets them the results they desire. 

BOLD Mindset Training:

  • Agents must make a commitment to complete 100 contacts a week.
  • Agents are encouraged to partner up with someone to keep them accountable of daily/weekly/yearly goals.
  • Agents learn to have more purposeful conversations with potential clients and existing customers to help them achieve their home buying and selling needs.
  • Agents are taught to focus on results instead of reasons and steer clear of using negative language.
  • The exercises help agents build up their confidence so they can create a higher standard for their business, their customers, and family.

2: The Power of Time BlockingImage result for if it is not in your schedule it doesn’t exist

Your schedule is a reflection of your goals. Written goals are more likely to be achieved and realized. Throughout the course of BOLD, Realtors learn flexibility and freedom do not necessarily equal success. Time and money only come after discipline and training. BOLD teaches Realtors the discipline of time blocking and trains them to follow a schedule. 

BOLD Tips:

  • Teaches agents to put value on their time and what they are worth.
  • Reduce stress by breaking down big projects step-by-step.
  • Sell more houses by allocating time for lead generation.
  • Understand priorities and how to focus on your top 20%.

3: Sell more homes. Help more buyers. Be the local expert.

The BOLD coaching program has proven to help Realtors sell more homes through teaching agents a higher level of customer service, standards, and value. The goal is to help better understand the true needs of their buyers and sellers.  Never underestimate the value of having great customer service. Understanding your customers needs and offering superb customer service can lead to a referral based business quickly. Besides creating a shift in your mindset and breaking through mental barriers, this training also provides extremely valuable scripts to use as resources for future transactions.

Bold Helps to:

  • Conquer common listing presentation objections.
  • Handle price objections.
  • Provides a Presentation script, useful phrases for pricing the property.
  • Learn where buyers come from.
  • Conduct effective buyer’s consultations.
  • Work with sellers to find out what’s truly important to them in the sale of their home.


Countless Realtors and business leaders in the real estate industry have successfully used the BOLD program to transform their lives and careers. After seven weeks of constant skill building activities and mindset training, agents leave ready to take their business to the next level.
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