The Power of Profit Share: Keller Williams Realty St. Pete Earns $480,639 in 2016

At Keller Williams Realty, we believe our associates should be treated like stakeholders. We believe that together everyone achieves more.  So, we split every KW Market Center’s profits between the owners who took the risk and the associates who helped the Market Center grow.   Keller Williams Realty’s Profit Share provides a financial plan for agents to continue to receive money long after they retire. We are ecstatic to announce that our Keller Williams St. Pete market center gave back almost half a MILLION to its associates totaling $480,639 in 2016.

Since inception in 1989, the Keller Williams Profit Share program has surpassed half a billion dollars in distributions to associates. In 2014 alone, KW distributed more than $98 million through profit share and growth share.

profit share


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