Real Estate Agents on the Rise: Jeff Fusco, Rob McGuire, & Kyle Sasser

If you put the best real estate agents in the world into one room and ask them what they did to become successful, you’d probably get a lot of different answers. Some get lucky, some have an unending stream of contacts that are ready to buy and sell, and then some just work hard. But no matter the reason, there were some systems and models that they followed that ultimately led to their success. The following agents did just that by taking advantage of our training program Ignite, teaming up with a mentor, and joining weekly accountability groups. Jeff Fusco, Rob McGuire, and Kyle Sasser have proven that they are committed to their business and are now agents on the rise within Keller Williams Realty St. Pete.

Follow Their Lead

Step 1: Graduate from Ignite Training

            Keller Williams has taken the lead in the industry with real estate training courses, especially with Ignite, the comprehensive training course for KW agents. The Ignite course has a single objective: to propel both newly licensed and experienced Keller Williams real estate agents into immediate production. To achieve this goal our productivity coach, Stephanie Wilson, teaches this course through role play exercises, a weekly tracking system, and powerful real estate scripts. The goal for each ignite student is to write 3 offers within the four-week course.

Step 2: Find A Mentor

For many real estate agents, having—or being—a mentor is a natural step in building a blockbuster career. Learning the business from a book or a course just doesn’t cut it. Formalized mentorship programs are a huge part of the culture at Keller Williams. This program offers personal guidance to launching agents, enhances their learning experience, builds their confidence and establishes them in their career. It develops “best practices” that promote a professional image, reduce broker/agent or transactional liability and increase the confidence of the agent.  When asked what was the most crucial step in launching their real estate businesses, Jeff, Rob and Kyle all attributed it to their mentors. Their mentors helped walk them through every step of the process and were constantly available to answer any questions they had. If you have interest in joining the mentorship program or becoming a mentor yourself please ask your Productivity Coach or Team Leader for more information. Thank you to Laura Marie, Danielle & Jay Ratwani, and Eve Sawicki for stepping up and becoming mentors for these agents.

Step 3: Join an Accountability Group

Accountability Group: a small group united around everyone achieving a common goal. Within Keller Williams Realty St. Pete there are various accountability groups for agents searching to hit different goals. An accountability partner is a business peer who helps you grow your company by offering guidance and by holding you to your commitments. While it’s similar to a mentor relationship, both partners work on bettering their businesses with the feedback and support of each other. Real estate agents who are committed to meeting weekly with their accountability group not only hit their goals, but quickly exceed them.












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