I didn’t know BIG until I came to KW

Image 8  Jay White, CEO and president of The White Group, thought he and his dad, Johnny White, were doing well selling $3.5 million annually in Charlotte, N.C., before 2010. But after being a part of the Ballantyne Area market center for six and a half years and  experiencing a 12-month production of $43 million, his views have changed considerably.

With a renewed vision of success, Jay White has his eyes set on limitless growth, and he is proving that with the right philosophies and tools in place, anything is possible
in real estate. He didn’t always think this way. It was a series of experiences that
shifted his mindset.

The Early Years
Jay began his career in real estate in 2006 after forming The Johnny White Team with his dad at Coldwell Banker. Because his dad knew so many people in the Charlotte area, business grew quickly, but Jay admits they didn’t have an accurate view of what success was.
“We were setting our goals based on what other companies were doing. We didn’t know what doingreally well was.”
After consistently ranking among the top agents in their office, the bottom fell out of the market. Companies stopped relocating employees and the team’s business all but dried up by 2010.

Meanwhile, during the chaos, he noticed many agents who left Coldwell Banker went to Keller Williams. Curious, Jay reached out to them to ask what they were doing differently.
In a networking group, a Keller Williams agent gave him a copy of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. And he devoured the book. “I think I read it over the weekend. It just really spoke to me,” Jay says.

A Big Step in Faith
Jay met with Ann Yountz, the Ballantyne Area market center team leader at the time, over Thanksgiving weekend 2010 and moved to Keller Williams within days.
The transition meant giving back 15 listings. Something that wasn’t easy to do, but Jay and his dad stepped out in faith, knowing they wouldn’t be without resources at Keller Williams. Accustomed to listings being handed to them through the relocation team, the Whites had to learn how to find business on their own – and it wasn’t easy. After four months, Jay’s production stalled, and he knew it was time for help.
After reaching out to other agents, they recommended he talk with Chip Walton. Walton, a productivity coach at the market center, began coaching Jay, giving him the
knowledge he needed to build a strong foundation for his business. “He taught me how to lead generate and be more structured with my time management, and he really
helped me create a vision for what this (business) could look like.”
The Whites focused on lead generation, and within six months they were back on track – hitting $4 million in 2011. “We thought that was amazing. Again, we didn’t know what big really looked like,” Jay says.

New Possibilities
It was the Business Objective: Life by Design (BOLD) training in 2011 where Jay’s eyes were opened to new possibilities. “BOLD let me know that if we focus on lead generation, we could grow it. It just opened up a mindset of abundance. We did $9 million
that year,” he says.
Over the next couple of years, the team expanded to include his sister, Lea Lempesis; a full-time executive assistant; and his brother Marc White, who was selling real estate in
the mountains of North Carolina and became one of the top agents in that market.
With his team in place, Jay began teaching real estate classes region ally and nationally – a move that not only provided a wider referral platform for the team, but led him
to become a KW MAPS Coach and earn an invitation to Gary Keller’s Masterminds.
“(This) exposed me to people who thought a whole lot bigger than I ever knew was possible,” Jay recounts. “Gary said that we underestimate what we can do in 10 years
and overestimate what we can do in one.”

Scaling Business with the CGI
Jay took Keller’s words to heart and began reevaluating his team’s goals. Despite the fact that they were already doubling their production year-over-year for the past three
years, he knew that it was time to think bigger, so the team created a five-year plan and dove into the Career Growth Initiative, starting with the CGI Calculator.
“Before the CGI Calculator, figuring out our production goals was almost like picking at random. Now it’s easy. We just plug in our numbers, conversion rates and it
spits everything out for us. The calculator has made it easy to plan what the next couple of years has to look like.”
The Pipeline Tool has been instrumental in helping Jay and Marc keep the team on track.
“Every week we have a team meeting, and Marc or I meet with agents one-on-one to discuss who they have in their pipeline and if it’s big enough to support their goals. For
example: If someone has a pipeline of three or four prospects, two buyers and one listing, but has a goal that requires six closings, it becomes clear that they aren’t going to reachtheir goal.”
Staying plugged into your pipeline is critical, Jay stresses. “If you don’t know what’s going on in your pipeline, you don’t know what’s going on in your business.”
He really enjoys that the CGI has helped him build a predictable and sustainable business. “Since we know what our monthly expenses are, we can forecast what they will be in 30, 60, 90 days and look at our pipeline to see if we have enough revenue to
support our expenses. If the market is great, we tend to be less budget-conscious
and spend without much thought. When inventory is tight, every cent matters. The tool helps us stay focused.”
Staying focused is especially important as Jay has moved into the role of productivity coach. He is now passionate about also helping others think without limits.
“In the past seven months, Jay has helped over 140 agents get into production faster and is creating more cappers,” says Walton, who is now a team leader at the Ballantyne Area
market center. “I’ve watched Jay come into the company and transform his life, his family’s life and the lives of hundreds of people.”

For more information contact Team Leader and Managing Broker, Rachel Sartain at 727-894-1600.

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