Technology Shift

The landscape of the real estate industry is changing. We have shifted from a technical business to a technology business, driven by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. If you want to survive and stay relevant, not only do you need to embrace this technology shift, you will need to enhance your skills.

Josh Team, KWRI Chief Innovation Officer, told Inman News, “Keller Williams is the largest real estate company by agent count and sales volume in the nation, and all of those agents create data every day from lead to close, including data on offers, contracts, appraisals, inspections, and productivity. That data used to live in thousands of unconnected databases but has now been consolidated into one platform”. By doing this, Keller Williams is protecting its associates and helping them own the customer experience when it comes to real estate.

It is not just about Kelle. Gary Keller recruited some of the top technology developers in the country to build the best platform for our Agents. Kelle is an interface to hlep Keller Williams Realtors do their business more efficiently on the go. The new KW Command platform will replace your CRM, mailchimp, Canva, predictive analysis platforms for listings, postcard campaigns, allow you to build a vendor network for your customers, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Through KW Labs, this technology was built by our agents who are out in the field, doing the transactions and subscribing to multiple platforms to move their business.

Keller Williams Realty is the largest real estate company in the world and we are about to experience expansive growth! With the tools at our fingertips, we are bracing take our #1 spot to the next level by creating a great divide between us and our closets competitors.  Over the next few months Keller Williams Realty St. Pete will invest in many upgrades to our local office. Our training calendar will include more tech training to help you sell more real estate. We are hiring a full-time Tech Director to help you maximize the tools. All of these improvements will be led by our Tech Ambassador and our new Tech Committee. Our only goal in this technology shift is to ensure our Realtors come out ahead of the game! We are passionate about their success!

For more information about Keller Williams, please contact the local St. Pete office at (727)894-1600




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